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Membership of the Club

All applications will be treated the same, in accordance with the following procedure:

A Lancashire Aikikai application form and risk form will be completed amounst providing other details. .

For those new Starters who are on the free 3 class Taster Trial to continue after your third class requires membership monies and training fee. See "Training Costs"

See our Data Protection page for more details

Information will not be disclosed to others. 

Any member has the right to see information from Club records and correct any inaccuracies.

The Club will convey the appropriate monies and application to the Aikikai which will cover initial membership and the British Aikido Board’s (BAB) Membership registration certificate, which gives benefit of member to member insurance and personal accident cover. (The governing body requires us to register those practising.)  

The Club applies the application and renewal procedures laid out by the Lancashire Aikikai

Members receive a membership book to record grades and attendance at courses in; and a members handbook is provided to give new members more information about Aikido and the Aikikai.

Members of the Lancashire Aikikai are those described as Temporary and Full in their Membership & Insurance Application Procedure.

Members of the Club are those who are in a trial period or are members of the Lancashire Aikikai and
     i)   pay a monthly mat fee to the Club
    ii)  Juniors who have paid a mat fee in the last 3 months
   iii)  volunteer helpers approved as such by the Executive.

The Club Executive has made the following temporary addition to who are members of the club "are members of the Lancashire Aikikai, who have paid that fee through the club". This was a consequence of normal classes being suspended because of COVID