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Aikido Articles written by Club Members


Written by Andrew

"A Club" 1994

"The Principles of Aikido: Rules" A tongue in cheek look Republished 2012

"Asked over the Internet" 2009

"Attitude of Mind For Aikido" 1983

"Commitment" 2012

"Four Principles" 1984

High Grade Practice 2019

"A view of Learning Aikido" 1993 Joint article

"Mat Manners" 2015

"My Journey so far" 2013 - (a self indulgent look)

"Sharing – how to get on?" 2012

"Stepping Back" 2016 (A Personal Reflection)

"Symbols" 1986

"That's Not Right" 2013

"The Bangor Course and Courses" 2001

"Think" 1982

"Transmission" Not previous published

"Why" 2016

"Why do people take up aikido?" 2014

"7 Pleats in a Hakama" 1991



Written by Sue

"Aikido What is it? What can it do?" 2019

"Part One Active Ukemi" 2016

"Part Two Active Ukemi" 2016

"Fearsome Fighting" 1990

"A view of Learning Aikido" 1993 Joint article


Written by Chris S

"Commitment" 1991

Written by Chris W

"Is Aikido Better Than.... or...?" 1996


Written by Lawrence

"A Question of Weapons" aided by Matt Hill


Written by Hephzi

"Introduction to Aikido and the Life of Morihei Ueshiba" 2011

Written by Brian

"The Bear Who Could Take It Or Leave It Alone" 1992

"Is Aikido Complete?" 1993


Written by David

"22 Sensei" 2017


Written by the Club

"Attending a Course" 2016


This compilation is based on being a member at the time the article was published.

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