Masthead Logo of Trafford Aikido

The following are taken from our constitution

Aims and Objectives

a) To provide opportunities to practise Aikido and support the development and practise of Aikido.

b) Improve the quality of practice, the depth of understanding, the spirit and etiquette on the mat, and thus promote Aikido as a high level martial art.

c) To further Aikido in all its true aspects and principles

d) To ensure that the club is professional in its dealings & built on a firm foundation by expanding membership through good publicity and financial viability.

e) To maintain the position of the club as a member of Lancashire Aikikai and support it in its own endeavours and aims.

f) To ensure its members follow the policies and regulations made by the governing body, the British Aikido Board and those of the Lancashire Aikikai.


a) The Club shall arrange practices for all grades and specialist classes.

b) The Club shall administer registration and renewal of membership, fees and insurance.

c) The Club shall encourage, support and provide opportunities for higher grades who wish to put their experience into helping others in the club coaching.

d) The Club will publish on its website policies, codes and best practise that the Club have originated and approved.



Operating Principles

a) The Club is committed to ensuring that equity and equality is incorporated in what it does and will influence others wherever possible to do likewise.

b) The Club and members are encouraged to practise a safe environment within a dojo in accordance with any code of conduct it adopts, or is subject to, or is regarded as best practise; Health & Safety regulations and with specific regard/respect to the needs of those under 18 years of age & vulnerable adults. The participation of people with special needs is encouraged, within the practical constraints of health and safety and resources.

c) The Club regards itself subject to all codes, policies, requirements etc of the national governing body the British Aikido Board and that of the Lancashire Aikikai and that it encourages best practice to be followed

d) The Club will ensure only suitably qualified and insured coaches conduct classes.

e) Data Protection - the Club is committed to abide by the 1998 Act and any subsequent amendments.

f) Members and those practising in our Club shall not bring the Club or Aikido into disrepute through any act or omission and are governed by the Constitution.

g) The Club is non-profit making. Surplus funds are to be devoted to the Club's long term objective to provide the club with its own premises to operate from. For the avoidance of doubt funds would not be returned to members.

h) Finance – no member shall incur debts on behalf of the Club without authorisation.