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Seniors - Introductory offer of 3 trial taster classes at no charge. Yes free for people new to Aikido .[If you have done Aikido before just pay for the registration with the BAB £7]


Then monthly Club training fees are £16 (Concession £12) per month. We ask you to pay by BACS.


We don't want to handle cash or paperwork at a class to minimise Covid risks.




Membership of the Lancashire Aikikai (LA)

Seniors £12 (Concessions £6) and is to the end of the calendar year 2022

There is a reduction to the fee charged if you join later in the year.


Governing Body Registration fee (BAB)

We are required to register you with the British Aikido Board this is £7 for a full 12 months.


We will tell you how to pay and the amount when you have your third taster session.


At the end of the trial we will set out the fees for classes, LA membership and registration and provide you the Club's bank details for BACS payments - if you wish to continue with us.


Concession means under 18 years; or in full time education; or unemployed or fully retired.

Iriminage throw



Judo suits and weapons can be purchased through the club - through Andrew/Sue but are not necessary to start. The club sells to members at cost substantially under the retail price tags.


Aihanmi nikkyo technique