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Parents / Carers Help

We would like you as Parents or Carers to:

- Encourage your child to appreciate and understand the etiquette and discipline involved in practising Aikido.
- Help your child to recognise good performance,
- Never force your child to take part in Aikido
- Support your child's involvement and help them to enjoy their Aikido.
- Set a good example by recognising and applauding good performances of all and don’t make comparisons.
- Never belittle your child struggling with what is shown.
- Encourage and guide your child to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour.
- Bring your child so they are not late and also collect promptly at the end of classes.


Aikido is a traditional martial art and potentially dangerous thus care needs to be taken. Please ensure they understand by talking through the Club's expectations of them.

Weapons should not be carried except to and from practice and then not openly but in a closed bag or one designed/made for the purpose.

Read also our Safety Practise page.

Club Expectations for those taking part (Safe Practice)

The Aikido mat can be a dangerous place so we would expect you to:

- Show respect and courtesy to all.
- NEVER deliberately use Aikido to hurt others
- Listen to and watch the teacher (Sensei) to learn and follow what is being taught.
- Help each other and concentrate to ensure a safe and enjoyable practice for all
- Tell Sensei if you want to leave the mat. This is a safety point.
- Keep training Gi (suit) clean
- Keep your feet clean to ensure that no dirt or grit gets brought onto the mat and wear shoes to the mat’s edge to prevent grit getting onto he mat.
- Keep toe and fingernails cut short.
- Remove jewellery, watches and sharp objects. (Rings or earrings that cannot be removed should be taped over.)
- Maintain weapons in a safe condition.

Please carry weapons to and from practice in a closed bag.


Although it is not always possible please try your best to be on time at the Dojo so that practice can start at the correct times. This will also help to keep a disciplined attitude.

If you arrive late you wait quietly at the edge of the mat until Sensei beckons you to join the class.

The following Codes are yet to be approved hence are Draft only.