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Borrowing: Club Library

This is a comprehensive borrowing library of over 80 books and magazines. View the library list.

Then email Andrew with details of what you want to read. Andrew will then organise the loan for you.

The Club has a DVD library as well - again get in contact with Andrew.

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Beginners Suggested Reading List

Aikido, Kisshomaru Ueshiba, Hazawsha/Japan 1985, ISBN 0-87040-629-9 (by the son of O'Sensei and present Doshu, or Headmaster, of Aikido)

The Principles of Aikido, Mitsugi Saotome, Shambhala 1989, ISBN 0-87773-409-7 (written by one of the principal students of O'Sensei and master instructor of the Washington D.C. Aikikai; good text, many photos of technique)

Aikido, The Way of Harmony, John Stevens under the direction of Shirata Rinjiro, Shambhala 1985, ISBN-0-87773-229-9 (short biography of O'Sensei, many photos of technique)

Aikido, Traditional Art and Modern Sport, Brian N. Bagot, The Crowood Press 1990, ISBN 1-85223-426-1 (good basic book, usefully includes descriptions and photos of bokken and jo subori, kata and kumitachi)

Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere, A Westbrook & O Ratti, Charles E Tuttle Co 1970, ISBN 0-8048-0004-9

Dynamic Aikido, Gozo Shioda, Kodansha 1968, ISBN 0-87011-301-1

The Spirit of Aikido, Kisshomaru Ueshiba, Kodansha International 1984/1987, ISBN 0-87011-850-1

Ki in Daily Life, Koichi Tohei, ISBN 0-87040-436-9

Aikido, its Heart and Appearance, Morihiro Saito, Minato Research and Publishing Company


Advanced Reading

If you are a manager then there is a book for you as well: The Randori Principles by Baum and Hassinger ISBN 0-7931-4862-6 published by Dearborn Explaining using Aikido in your business life