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Laying the mat - How we should do it!

Laying the mat

Put the wood frame and the metal sleeves into their approximate positions and start working from corner “D” to slide the frame together with the metal sleeves on.

Take care with the metal sleeves with the studio floor.

C to D and B to A have one longer side each these are identified with green dots.

C to B and A to D have the two smaller lengths

Note the corner pieces the prongs side go in last for corner A. The assembly of the frame thru the sleeves should be done with the pieces all in contact with the floor. (i.e. sliding together flat)

Work on the frame should not be started elsewhere it should spread from the “D” corner.

The mats are then laid…… Corner A being the last corner to go in when all the mats are laid.

The bungee cord is roughly fitted roughly every other screw head to enable further tensioning.

Laying the mat

Putting the mat away

The canvas is folded first. The mats are removed and piled.

The frame is taken apart as the last action. This is so that the screw heads and metal sleeves don’t tear the plastic bags, which protect the mats.

The wood pieces are slid out with the parts flat on the floor. Lifting the frame/join puts a strain on the metal parts and could potentially distort them.

Take care with the metal sleeves with the studio floor.


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