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Grading details

In November 2015 it was announced by the Lancashire Aikikai was returning to its roots by re-linking to Hombu - Aikido HQ / Aikido Foundation and appointed Mimuro Sensei as its Technical Director.

This now means we are now following the Hombu syllabus for our Senior Section. The Junior grading syllabus is not altered.

The Hombu syllabus is added to :-

  • We will continue to grade from 6th Kyu - but this first grade will be a Lancashire Aikikai grade. (Hombu grades start at 5th Kyu)
  • our Syllabus includes Weapons. The aim is being to judge the candidates understanding of weapons in relation to Aikido at the grade being undertaken rather than a test of memory.

Junior & Senior Students approaching their first grading in the Club - should look at our online material including video clips to help their preparation. To Log-in you need a password this is in your Club's Beginner's booklet. Or you don't have the user/password us). Seniors - this online material reflects the former syllabus and will be updated in due course.

The Club has produced a Guide to approaching your first grading that should answer any questions you might have.


Each grade is not only assessed as to correctness and effectiveness of technique but also: posture, maai, kokyu ryoku, zanshin, spirit, flowing and flexibility, ukemi and manner/attitude. You receive a marking feedback form and if successful a certificate to show the grading you have acheived. See the marking form that has explanations of the component part on the second page

The Junior and Senior syllabus are on our Association website together with a translation sheet and pages to help you associate names to moves.




Junior Grading fees go to our Lancashire Aikikai.

  • 6th, 5th and 4th Kyu  £1.50
  • 3rd and 2nd Kyu  £2.00
  • 1st Kyu  £2.50

The Senior 6th Kyu grade - the first grade is £3 this also goes to the Lancashire Aikikai. Students and Unwaged seniors are discounted by 50%.

The Hombu Senior recognised grades from 5th Kyu to 1st Kyu the grading fee per grade is £25. {1st Dan test fee is £120 incs for your Yudansha book (one off).}

Hombu grade holders from 5th Kyu - need to affiliate to both Hombu and Yokohama International Aikido Club. A combination of the Club and the Lancashire Aikikai will pay this when it is needed.

The above are approx & subject to currency changes (Correct at Oct16). The Club will advise as to the current charges. See the Lancashire Aikikai grading page for current charges. (6. Grading Admin)

Transitional arrangements existed during 2016 for 2015 members by paying the affiliation fees and half the grading test fee.


The Hombu membership card / Yudansha book has to be re-submitted for subsequent grades. So keep safe.