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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct: All Aikidoka and especially the Coach have a responsibility to behave in a manner that maintains and enhances the reputation of their Association and the National Governing Body.

Aikido is a martial way of practising a controlled form of potentially dangerous techniques so note should be taken by all those practicing in the Club -

The following Codes are yet to be approved hence are Draft only

Appropriate Links

Additional to the links on the bottom of this page

Expectations of Juniors and Parents

You and Your Responsibilities (Lancashire Aikikai website) particularly the "Rules of Practice" that are included in membership books.

How the Lancashire Aikikai works contains many of policies and guidance


Safeguarding - we all have a duty to report any concerns

As young people are juniors in the eyes of the Child Safeguarding & Protection Policy and the law till they reach 18 – all members need to be aware of the policy and how to report concerns its not just those involved with junior classes but 16-18 on a senior mat. Members should be aware also of Safeguarding vulnerable adults and the policy relating to them.

Unless to do so would place a child or vulnerable adult at risk of harm your first point of contact should be our Club Welfare Officer - Andrew or Association CPO.