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Looking after your Weapons and other stuff you need to know

Its important to ensure the equipment you use is safe and serviceable - there are potentials risks to you and others..

With wooden weapons - tanto, jo & bokken you should examine before use for any splitting or cracking. If you find any then the weapon is a potential danger to others as it could break when being used giving the potential to cause injury - and so must not be used.

Also when you look at your weapons - if you find any sharp areas or splinters these must be sanded away before you use again.

Although we use swords less frequently it is particularly important that the blade is secured to the sword hilt by a securely fitted peg. It must be ensured that the blade can't become loose in practice.


Carrying Weapons

The Lancashire Aikikai has issued guidance on carrying Weapons to and from Practise.

Governing body advice

BAB weapons protocol - contained within their Insurance Guidelines. Covers different weapons and carrying to and from practice as well as a risk assessment.

The BAB provides further advice on the legal position of carrying weapons - bladed and wooden weapons.

The governing body advice takes precident over our advice when there is any difference.




Tanto defence