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Trafford Aikido wishes to ensure the health, safety, welfare and well being of all members, volunteers and visitors to our club.

When something goes wrong, we need you to tell us about it promptly. This will help us to improve both our standards and learn from your concerns.

If it is a Safeguarding issue it will mean the matter is dealt with under the relevant policy / procedure rather than this Procedure.

Step 1 We would hope matters can be dealt with informally and resolved promptly in the first instance through dialogue at Club level by speaking with either the Club Welfare Officer, a Club Coach, or the Club Leader.

Step 2 After exhausting Step 1 you may raise a formal complaint by contacting us....... down load the procedure for the detail





We will apply the following principles in what we do:-

  • Treat complaints seriously.
  • Act promptly.
  • Treat people fairly and listen to both sides of the story.
  • Stay neutral.
  • Keep parties to the complaint informed.
  • Try to Maintain confidentiality if possible.
  • Protect against victimisation.
  • Keep accurate records.
  • Make decisions based only on information gathered not personal views.
  • Disciplinary action should be relative to the issue.


Disciplinary Procedures

The Club and the Lancashire Aikikai both have Disciplinary Procedures contained in their Constitutions.

Ours says "Where a member has brought Aikido or the Club into disrepute, has acted in a unbecoming way or manner, infringed any Club rules, regulation, constitution or code of conduct (or that of the British Aikido Board or Lancashire Aikikai) then action falls within this section. Disciplinary outcomes may include sanctions, conditions, reprimands, termination of membership, suspension or other measures."


Policy and Procedure approved 1st February 2022