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Buying Suits and Equipment

This page has not been updated since March 2020. Happy to sell existing stock.

Buying new stock at new prices hasn't been high on our agenda.

Judo suits, weapons, weapon bags and Aikikai badges for sewing onto Gis can be purchased through the club - talk to the Club Night Official if you want to place an order. Or use the email address below for queries and ordering.

The prices the Club charges are substantially less than from shops.

We stock a limited range from a single supplier in order to offer an affordable entry point for new starters. Orders may need to be paid for in advance.

Popular sizes and weapons are commonly held in stock.

When we buy in stock it is priced up. Prices shown are current - where we have in stock the same item but at a historic lower price - then you get it at this lower price.

We purchase from companies who import and variation occur because of exchange rates 2017 saw a rise of over 30% - our current stock pre dates this.

Cotton & Polycotton Judo suits

Sizing by height (Common sizes below - smaller and larger suits possible)

  • Size 0 130cms 4'1 to 4'4  £14.00
  • Size 1 140cms 4'5 to 4'8  £16.00 **
  • Size 2 150cms 4'9 to 5'0  £16.00
  • Size 3 160cms 5'1 to 5'4  £22.00
  • Size 4 170cms 5'5 to 5'9  £23.00
  • Size 5 180cms 5'10 to 6'0  £24.00
  • Size 6 190cms 6'1 to 6'3  £25.50

These are height suggestions by the supplier - we tend to feel its one size up for the height that is needed. ie 5'8 but Size 5

First washes should be cold, and thereafter should not exceed 30°C

** Out of stock


  • Red oak bokken £13.00
  • Red oak jo £11.00
  • Red oak Tanto £4.50
  • Weapons Bag £10.00

The suits and weapons are stocked and sourced from Blitz. Weapon Bags from Nine Circles or Decathlon.


Aikikai Badge £1.50

The items work well for beginners but other suppliers are possible of more expensive items but we don't hold their stock and you would need to cover postage or you can order directly.

Nine Circles is a firm some in the Club have used - we aren't part of their discount scheme but if time isn't a problem we can order via another Club for the discount.

For club members:


Karate - Gi 170 Size 4 secondhand. No belt Used condition - happy to find a home that wants it. Ask Andrew

Secondhand Judo Jacket 2/150 - Trousers 165, belt - For Sale £8.00

Secondhand Bokken, Jo & Bag £15

New One off

One only old stock Unbleached judo suit size 0 130cms with bleached white belt. £10


Polo shirts


Dark navy 100% - the photograph doesn't show the navy well. Embroided club name on sleeve and aikido script on front. (New but discontinued line)

Stock: One Medium; Two Small - £3 each

To order or make a enquiry use the email address below by clicking on the link

Now at clearance prices (Not restocking)

  • Bo £7
  • Karate Gi 000/110 £6.50
  • Karate Gi 1/140 £8.00
  • Karate Gi 3/160 £9.00

Karate - Gi new - club in future only stocking judo suits. Karate Gi is thinner but ok for juniors

Embroidered Clothing

The Club offers a range of embroidered clothing for members to wear to training, courses or anywhere you wish