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Free Taster Session - marking International Women's Day


Taster Session we are offering a free Aikido session on Thursday 7th March 2019 - which is the day before International Women's Day - the class will be led by Sue ( #IWD2019)

Sue applying a technique

The taster session is for those 16+.

How do you register? - No need - just turn up

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Thursday 8th March 2018 Two one hour classes 19:30 and 20:30 - Upper Practise Hall, Altrincham Leisure Centre. Arrive 10 minutes before start. Come for either or both classes choice is yours

Hephzi helping a student


In the session we will be covering stance, personal space, movement and introduce you to basic aikido techniques and what aikido is all about.

Read our “Women's Homepage, FAQ for Women” and our “Want to Start?” pages for more information before signing up.

A kaiten nage throw


So what will coming to train with us in Trafford Aikido do for you as you get into Aikido?

  • Learn Self Defence skills
  • Improve awareness of your personal space
  • Boost your Confidence and self esteem
  • Releases Stress and allows you to stay calm
  • Improve your Flexibility and Fitness
  • Improves body posture
  • Learn in our friendly classes and have fun

You’ll be able to carry the skills you learn into your workplace and everyday life and use them to build your confidence and ability to work with and relate to others.

A ikkyo immobilisation

Because of the way our classes are structured, beginners are welcome to start at any class not just this Taster Session. So come along and have a go at something different!

Want to know more? Read our “Women's Homepage, FAQ for Women” and our “Want to Start?” pages for more information about beginning aikido.

Trafford Aikido we have two high-ranking ladies, Sue and Hephzi, on the Coaching Team. So for these Taster sessions they will be lead by a female.

end control of a ikkyo techinque