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DofE Award

Do you want to try out martial arts or learn new martial art moves?

The DofE Physical Section gives you that chance!

Trafford Aikido Club will give you a very warm welcome to do this section with us – we have already helped several Silver and Gold participants through their Physical Activity using Aikido in our Senior classes.

But what is Aikido? It is a Japanese martial art and is self- defensive. It allows you to firstly avoid an attack, then blend with it and finally redirect the energy right back onto the attacker. However, although it is defensive by nature, make no mistake, it is very effective – that is why it is used by many police and armed forces around the world.

Aikido is suitable for both male and female of all ages and physical ability. It benefits fitness, posture and mental awareness. It will certainly help build self-confidence. And along the way you'll also have fun and make friends !

Our DofE experience has shown that it is an excellent option for Silver and Gold participants.

If you want to know more, go to our other pages on this site. There are videos to watch here from You tube and some home grown ones - go to the home page

We are also happy to discuss it with you and your Leader.

Our classes are currently for 16yrs and above


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"I chose to do Aikido for my Physical Activity because it is fun, practical and rewarding. It is a great way of meeting new people as well as giving you a great form of exercise. Trafford Aikido Club is full of friendly and kind people, and they are always happy to help you in any way. I really enjoy Aikido, and would recommend it strongly to anyone!"

Hugh, DofE Silver Participant



email us about the Duke of Edinburgh's Award scheme

Notes for DofE Leaders:

All our coaches hold DBS validation

Our Club Leader is a Gold award holder.


enter and control demo by Spence Sensei

Kaiten nage throw