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If you are interested in learning Aikido Email us now and we will send you application forms to complete.

Participants need to be 16+ yrs / adults,

The Club recommends partcipants are fully vaccinated against COVID




We prefer completed forms are emailed to us rather than being brought to the class. We process them and then be back in touch


Waiting List

For 16+ / Adults we don't have a waiting list

The shape of our aikido community has changed considerably since lockdown in 2020. The coaching team has shrunk, has less availability and flexibility to run classes. We gauge, we won't be able to reopen a Junior class in the medium term. We are no longer maintaining a Junior waiting list.

   Privacy Policy


The Club applies Safeguarding policies.

Classes can be cancelled for Bank Holidays or because there is a day course that members are going to. follow the link to check

Aikido throw

Trial Offer

We are offering beginners new to Aikido 3 free Taster Sessions before any fees are due.

Training Fees / Membership Fees after the third class.

Aikido throw

Aikido throw

Aikido throw