Masthead Logo of Trafford Aikido

Wellington School, Wellington Road, Timperley WA15 7RH



Seniors 15+ years, Class 19.30 - 21.30

Arrive 19:15 for registration and setting up the mat. We store the mat away after the class finishes

Beginners welcome to all our classes. No need to contact us in advance. Just review the Quick links below.

Car parking is available on site. The green pointer on the map is above the Gym

The Metro & BR station "Navigation Road" are within 15 mins walk

We tend to have a water break during the class so bring a bottle of water.


site plan

Directions on the site to the Gym

Main entrance

Main entrance (View plan of site)

Park up here and walk

Park considerately - and then walk towards the blue building and down it's side

Park up here and walk

Continue heading for the green building this is the Gym. Entrance to gym is round the corner to the left

Get to Gym here

Get to Gym through the door on the left (at the end of a covered walk way). See plan of site. Once inside follow the corridor to the right

Wellington School Gym

The Gym