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To Start - Aikido

  • Learn Self Defence - Learn to blend with forces and not to be there when an attack arrives.
  • Improves Fitness
  • Boosts Confidence
  • Releases Stress
  • Study Skills - Aikido is non-competitive
  • Have Fun
  • Learn in Friendly classes

As a beginner you will be gradually introduced to the principles of Aikido.

You will practise at your own level and ability - a willingness generally to have a go is an asset.

Aikido is a non-competitive martial art. This means there are no individual contests as in many other martial arts.

This page represents the position we were prior to the first Lockdown - and will be the subject of changes regarding times & fees. You should no longer just turn up

Classes are tailored for the students present to introduce beginners safely to the practice of Aikido and to ensure the development of existing students.

In Aikido we think of our ‘partner’ as someone to work with in order to achieve a mutual goal rather than our ‘opponent’, which implies a struggle against one another. This makes learning Aikido much easier as every student passes on what they have learned with their fellow students to their future partners. This cooperation between students makes for a friendly and helpful dojo environment.

Some of the time you will be taken to one side with other beginners to be taught movements, rolls or techniques. Other times you will be integrated with the rest of the class where you will have the opportunity to practise with higher grade students.

You will be able to watch Dan grades practice with senior students.


It is advisable to wear something loose and un-restricting like a track suit. Please try to avoid anything with zips/buttons etc. Judo / Karate suits are not necessary for your initial classes.


All you need to pay is our introductory fee of £15 (or £10 for students, unemployed, retired), which will pay for your first month's training, as a trial and you can train up to three times a week.

Cost details for Juniors Aged 8-15

More details on cost.

Further background

On your first visit(s) a senior student will welcome you onto the mat and make sure you 'know the ropes', especially regarding safety and unfamiliar language and etiquette.

In a class you will be shown basic evasive movements and introduced to methods of movement and falling which will keep you safe when you practise Aikido.

We are a small friendly club established in 1989 who are Clubmark accreditated. The club is not run for profit nor are any wages paid. We are a club of the Lancashire Aikikai, itself established in 1966, which is a member organisation of the national Governing Body, the British Aikido Board, which is recognised by Sport England.

The Lancashire Aikikai is affilated to Yomohama International Aikido and through that to Hombu - Aikido HQ. The Aikikai's Technical Director is Mimuro Sensei. See our links page

We feel there are great benefits to one's lifestyle from practising Aikido so come and join us in the elegant martial art.

The Club applies Child Protection policies.


** Our Aikido classes are presently suspended because of the coronovirus emergency **Virus precautions

Application forms

It would help us if you come with the required forms completed to speed your induction process.

The forms may be downloaded below

For all

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Under 18?

If you are under 18 then we need a further form completed

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Note: If you are under 18 these forms need signing by a parent / guardian or carer before you can practise.

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Classes times - we offer two sessions in the week and one Junior class

One last thing to check is that the class you are going to is not cancelled.

More questions? then try our FAQ page

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