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Our Return to the Dojo

From 19th July 2021 - guidance to be followed is in BAB Supplement 33 :-

"Full Contact Aikido can resume for both Adults and Juniors.

There is no limit on class size or who you can train with.

The use of face covering is at the choice of the club leader, but is NOT a legal requirement.

The use of the NHS Track and Trace QR code to register at your club is suggested, but is not a legal requirement.

Some of your club members may be anxious about contact aikido, The BAB suggests that Clubs should be sensitive to this and you could refer to the BAB Return to the Dojo documentation Phase 2 & 3 for guidance. Although this is no longer a legal requirement as of the 19th July 2021."

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Provides historic guidance to the previous regime some of which are equally applicable now.

Status of Classes

Aikido is a close contact martial art and the framework plan set by the governing body refers to contact time of not greater than 3 secs that has to form part of a Covid risk assessment.

This modifies much of what we would usually practice during our sessions.  

Coupled with high numbers of infections, admissions and death, and with not everyone fully vaccinated - members remain concerned about a sudden return to full contact aikido.

We are going to take a cautious approach to returning and wait for COVID numbers to subside and for best practice to emerge so we keep all safe.

So our classes are not yet restarting at Altrincham Leisure Centre but we hope they will do soon when risks become less.

We are getting nearer to a return but be realistic it is some weeks away and may well be phased.

29th July 2021 - reviewed 6th Sept


  Trafford Aikido's Covid-19 Officer:





Government Advice


Coronavirus (COVID-19): grassroots sports guidance for safe provision including team sport, contact combat sport and organised sport events


Sport England published FAQ From 19th July See FAQ re contact combat sport



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