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Juniors page - When you are 16

We usually start consider plans for you moving to the Senior class a couple of months before you are 16.

We appreciate that we are all different with many factors at play.....

  • maturing at different rates
  • mental attitude / confidence
  • approach to life
  • timing with other milestones such as school and your development
  • how you feel about moving classes
  • whether you want to
  • physically we know the younger a child is their bones are softer. #

# The aikido techniques taught in the junior class are modified where necessary to avoid damaging the growth area of bones.

We are flexible about when you move classes. We can make plans from 15yrs 3 months or can delay right up to your 16th birthday. The deciding factor is yourself together with parental support.

Whenever you are ready and wanting to move we could offer a couple of months transition with options to ease into the Senior Classes:-

  • through gradually changing by doing the Junior class first then 30 mins of the Senior class on a Sunday.
  • by doing the Junior class and an hour or more at our other Senior classes on Monday or Thursday.
  • by initially attending classes being Coached by those who have taught or supported the Junior class. (We'd let you know which classes these are).
  • some just feel a complete switch is best and this is fine.
  • You could start classes for an hour at first and increase this gradually. This phasing can be helpful and you shouldn't be concerned that you aren't doing a full class.

All students are encouraged to tell the coach, prior to the start of the lesson, if they aren't planning to leave early. Breaks at 60mins or 90mins are sensible.

So the first Step is to discuss what you would like to do with Sue.


The Details are on this page for Junior Members and their Parents to discuss


We would prefer you start on a Sunday to settle you in. Then any class on Monday (Wellington School) and Thursday (Altrincham Leisure Centre) will be fine. Start times on these days are 19:30


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Initially you pay £2.50 per session but once you are settled in it would be time to ask your parents to pay monthly by BACS £13. This is a reduced fee from the Adults of £20.


Coaching Team

Can be seen here. Although different people take classes the coaching team give continuity to the lessons through a coaching log. We would need to make the team aware of your start and option to train that suits your best.


Stay Update with Club News

How you and parents can stay updated particularly with cancelled classes.

If you have any queries speak to Sue on this subject rather than email - but her email is included below.

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