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You are now in the Member's areas reading material designed for Parents - your child and you will have already seen our "What is Aikido" and "How to Start" ?

The Junior page had material aimed at Children including their FAQ page. This is your page. {Under development}

Aikido and its benefits

Aikido is a non competitive martial art that seeks to blend with attacks through circular movement. Any one will gain valuable skills from training in Aikido but children will also:

  • become better listeners
  • be more respectful towards others
  • better able to follow instructions
  • become more focussed
  • become more confident and assured - boosting self esteem.

Whilst learning self defence techniques & skills they develop awareness about their personal space and improve their coordination and fitness.

Children train in pairs in a cooperative fashion.

At least one instructor and one assistant are present at our children's class and our focus is on ensuring that all children at the class have an enjoyable experience in a safe and supportive environment.

Where and Start age

Trafford Aikido Juniors take children aged 8 - 15 and practice on Sundays 18:30 - 19:30 at Altrincham Leisure Centre.

If you want your child to start with us - then turn up 10-15 minutes before the class to sort out registration.[Check the class is on - cancelled classes]


To speed registration you can download the 2 forms that need completing and complete them before you arrive.

Main Form              View & Print

Additional Form        View & Print

The forms need signing by a parent / guardian or carer before your child can practise.

Mat Fees

Fees are £5 for the first class membership and registration and thereafter £2.50 per session.

After 4 weeks membership fees are payable. See our Costs page for more details.

Read our guidance for Parents and Children about expectations and support for Safe Practice. Please help your child understand too.

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Ikkyo imobilisation


Yes you may come and watch a class before starting. All Parents are welcome to stay and watch our classes anyway.

Judo suits may be bought through the club but no rush.


Stay Update with Club News

How you can stay updated particularly with cancelled classes.


See our Child Safeguarding & Protection page

We are Clubmark accredited - a national standard that Trafford Aikido has achieved.

clubmark accreditation


We are also accreditated for "Safeguarding Code Mark". Details. Our Certificate

safeguarding code


Our Coaches are all DBS checked and hold nationally recognised Coaching Award and are first aid trained. We are are dedicated bunch who want to share the enjoyment and practise of Aikido with others - we aren't paid.

"How we work" in the navigation bar will give you all the details about the Club and its policies - should you wish to read further.

Importantly the Club applies and abides by Child Safeguarding & Protection policies of the Lancashire Aikikai (our Association) and that of the governing body for the sport - the British Aikido Board.


If you have any queries email Sue -

Junior - Suggestions / Feedback

Please provide suggestions for Junior website pages or for other feedback concerning the Junior section.

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