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Joining Trafford Aikido

It would help us if you come with the required forms completed to speed your induction process.

Main Application Form...................View to print

If you are under 18 then we need a further form completed

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Note: If you are under 18 these forms need signing by a parent / guardian or carer before you can practise.

Money details - Introductory offers

Juniors class Sunday 18:30 - £4 for the first session - then £2.50 for each class. The first session fee goes to paying the insurance that the Governing Body requires. The club doesn't charge its usual class fee for this first session as its introductory offer.

Seniors - Introductory offer £12 (Concession £8) for the first 4 weeks weeks - to attend any or all of our Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday general classes in those 4 weeks. (Includes governing body insurance)

Concession means under 18 years; or in full time education; or unemployed.

After four weeks

Membership of our Association is required at the end of the 4 week introductory period - Seniors £18 and Juniors/ Concessions £9 (pro rota to the months left in the year)

Insurance cover of the Governing Body is automatically included in your first year. Then when you renew membership in a January the costs are £22 Seniors and Juniors £13.

View our detailed guide we use in the club - if you want to see the fees set out more fully.

Club Fees

For Juniors the training fee remains £2.50 per class attended.

For Seniors its a monthly fee of £18 per month (Concession £11) if paid by standing order from your bank. (Otherwise higher fees are charged for the extra adminstration)


This is provided through the national governing body - the British Aikido Board (BAB). More details here. The fees paid include this.