Masthead Logo of Trafford Aikido

Trafford Aikido Club’s Embroidered Clothing

The Club offers a range of embroidered clothing for members to wear to training, courses or anywhere you wish.

The logo we have designed recognises our membership of the Aikikai, it is uncluttered and it’s easy to embroider in a number of colours:

The range of clothing can be seen at Design Plus - they stock a wide range of brands, garment types and colours, all at sensible prices.

The Club have decided to limit the garment colours to two in order to keep a consistent “brand image” for the Club. Logo doesn't work on Tshirts as the material is too thin.


Garment Colour
Garment type
Logo colours
Light grey (different brands call this different names, e.g. “Heather”) or Navy blue Sweatshirts, hoodies, fleeces As above
Navy Blue Shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts As above, with the black replaced by gold


The logo is embroidered in run-proof thread on the left breast.

The Club has paid for the embroidery set-up, so you only pay for the garment. The order process is simple:

  1. Select the garment you wish from Design Plus. Note the brand, garment name, item stock number and size
  2. Choose the colour according to the table above.
  3. Decide on the quantity – there is NO minimum order amount. Delivery is free.
  4. VAT needs adding onto the prices shown on their website
  5. Pass all details to Algy Cole by the 1st of each month. He will need cash or cheque before he can place the order. NB: Design Plus only recognises Algy as the only person to order Trafford Aikido Club embroidered garments. So don't try yourself.
  6. Algy will place a consolidated order in the first week of every month and receive the garments 10-14 days later.

We hope that many Club Members will take advantage of this arrangement with Design Plus and that our presence becomes increasingly obvious.

Remember: only choose garments in the colour ranges shown above; delivery and embroidery is free; Algy needs cash or cheque before he can order. Get your order in by the 1st of each month.


White Logo

White Logo

Navy Logo

Navy Logo