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Stepping Back

Personal reflection as Aikikai Secretary

At the beginning of April 2016 I told Mr Spence, I wished to step down as secretary of the Aikikai. The constitution defines who may become an Executive member and a trawl was made of Aikikai Dan Grades with the result that Ian Cherry, the Club Leader at Preston, has taken over.

I reached this decision with the feeling that I'd done my stint. In doing this I could not help but reflect on my time supporting the Lancashire Aikikai. I took on the role of General Secretary gradually, in the mid- 1980's performing a number of other/different roles. It was a time when there were six clubs in the Aikikai: Accrington, Chorley, Stockport, Prescot, St Helens and Ramsbottom.

A few years of an expanding membership and Mr Mucha decided we should join the British Aikido Board. I took on a membership/insurance role and later editor of the newsletter.In those days publicity was down to clubs putting posters up in shops and libraries. Then in the 1990's the internet began to figure - days where we used dial up modems to maintain a handful of pages.

The Aikikai continued to grow and evolve. As it has evolved a constitution was developed and I took on the role of Secretary within the Executive.

I now want to devote more time to my Club in Trafford continuing to develop students and coaches. I think it is great seeing people get the aikido bug and start exploring and growing. I will still support the Aikikai by continuing to maintain the Aikikai's website as its Webmaster. I wish Ian every success. Ian can be contacted on

Andrew Baird (Trafford)

July 2016




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