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Sharing – how to get on?

Thought I'd share advice and a myth buster. The advice - If you want to learn – seek out those who can help you. Kyu grades should be seeking to train with those who will help them. An opportunity to practise with people outside the peer group of your club exists on courses. So if possible never train with a member of your own club on a course.

The myth - There is no rule to keep low grades at one edge of the mat and Dan Grades at the other end once the session has started.

Mat etiquette is such that who ever bows to you – you practise with – it is gradeless. I remember some of my Kyu grades running their own competition to see how many different Dan Grades they could practise with. (They called it "bag")

So spread out and treat the mat as your oyster.

We were all beginners once.
Andrew Baird - Trafford

Published 2012




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