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Fearsome Fighting

A neighbour recently commented after watching the video of the LA 25th Anniversary demonstration, that it looked "fearsome".

This set me thinking!

I sat down then to watch the video again in the light of this comment and to consider whether her description could be considered plausible.

Upon reflection the AIKIDO probably looked 'fearsome' because of the complexity of the movements and the physical activity involved. On further reflection I realised that it is perhaps not only the uninitiated who feel overwhelmed by the complexities inherent in AIKIDO. I have spoken to many people and have personally watched demonstrations of techniques and been intimidated by what I've been expected to do.

What always affects me most, however, is the latent power that is seen in demonstrations of techniques.

As a practitioner I am becoming increasingly aware that there are a number of factors which affect the correct execution of any technique/throw. However, the most sought after element appears to be the powerful, but elusive, 'KI'. It is possible to throw an attacker without it, but AIKIDO seems much more 'fearsome' to me when 'KI' in addition to the complexities of the movements and the physical activity which caused our neighbour to use the adjective 'fearsome', without truly realising the presence.

Certainly it is an adjective I shall bear in mind for future discussion and deliberation.

SUSAN BAIRD Published 1990




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