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The Bear Who Could Take It Or Leave It Alone

There was once a suburban bear called Arnold who lived in a nice house, with lovely furniture and a wife and children who loved him.

Every day be would leave home in the morning to go to work in the city where be would work bard until evening. Then be would catch the bus home, eat his tea and spend the evening with his family in front of the television.

Pretty soon be found his job boring and so one day be accepted an invitation from his workmates for a pint and a game of pool, in the pub after work. It wasn't long before the quick pint turned into a regular 5 or 6, then 9 or 10 pints and before he knew it Arnold was staying out half the night with the boys boozing.

Arnold's wife and family suffered enormously and the neighbours started talking about bow disgraceful Arnold was. Arnold was oblivious to this and would not be seen by his family from morning till night. One day after a particularly boozy session, Arnold stumbled into the house, knocked over the hatstand, put his foot through the window and fell down the basement stairs.

The next day his wife Elaine gave him what for over breakfast. "You were drunk again last night," said Elaine. "No I wasn't, I was merry," said Arnold. "You're a drunk and its disgusting," said Elaine. "It's about time you started looking after yourself, you're frightening the kids and the neighbours are starting to talk, and who's going to pay for that window." She went on. "How did that happen? Anyway you're wrong about my drinking, I can take it or leave it alone, but if it makes you happy I'll give it up," said Arnold.





From that day on there was a change in Arnold,. everybody remarked on it, be started keep fit classes, he walked to work in the morning and took up jogging in the park in the evening. Then one day somebody suggested be try Aikido, and after just one session he said this is for me. Pretty soon he found jogging and keep fit boring and spent all his spare time practising Aikido.

Arnold would not be seen by his family from morning till night, he neglected his family and the neighbours started talking, then one day he returned home from practice completely exhausted, he stumbled into the house and decided he would like to practise some Ukemi. He knocked over the hatstand with his first roll, put his foot through the window with his second roll, and rolled down the basement stairs with the third.

The moral of this story is ? No matter how much you try to improve things, sometimes they just don't get any better!!

Brian Morris Published 1992

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