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The Principles of Aikido: Rules

Kyu Grades in the then Hazel Grove Dojo circa early 1980's created their own rules...(Tongue in cheek viewpoint)

1. Exercises should be 'attempted' as near to the back of the dojo as possible (so cheating can take place without Andrew noticing).

2. Bad Language: This should be kept to ones self as much as possible.

3. It is advisable to become suddenly 'preoccupied' when Andrew is looking for a 'volunteer'.

4. Never say sorry to your opponent (even if he is crippled up in agony, or rolling about the floor)

5. It is wise to remember you have 30 seconds before you 'black out' and a little longer before you 'kick the bucket'. When your 'friend' strangles you.

6. Try to avoid limping as this only draws attention to yourself – you will later find out this is unwise.

7. Always attempt to offer your writing arm for a technique as this could get you out of a few sticky situations eg. Exams, work

8. Remember women are meant to be better at aikido then men

9. When bowing at the beginning or end of sessions, stay observant of your surroundings, (in case 'some swine comes at your' – Andrew's words.

10. All blood and gore should be kept off the dojo as far as possible.

11. Whatever happens keep smiling!

Andrew Baird (Republished 2012)
Trafford Aikido



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