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Juniors class Sunday 18:30 - £5 for the first session - then £2.50 for each class. The first session fee goes towards membership of our parent association and registration with the national governing body. The club doesn't charge its usual class fee for this first session as a introductory offer.


Seniors - Introductory offer £15 (Concession £10) for the first 4 weeks - to attend any or all of our Sunday, Monday or Thursday general classes in those 4 weeks. (Includes governing body registration)

Subsequent training after the 4 week introductory period for Seniors - costs are £20 monthly (Concession £13) provided you pay by BACS. Gives you access to any of our 2 classes in a week.



Membership of our Association is required at the end of the 4 week introductory period - Seniors £23 and Juniors / Concessions £11 (pro rota to the months left in the year)

Governing Body registration is automatically included in your first year. Then when you renew membership in a January the costs are £30 Seniors and Juniors / Concessions £18.

View our internal cost guide if you want to see the fees set out more fully.


Concession means under 18 years; or in full time education; or unemployed or fully retired.

Iriminage throw



Judo suits and weapons can be purchased through the club - through Andrew/Sue but are not necessary to start. The club sells to members at cost substantially under the retail price tags.


Aihanmi nikkyo technique