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Club Calendar

Cancelled Classes 2019

  • Sunday 26th May (Juniors cancelled) & Monday 27th May - Whit B/H
  • Sunday 30th June - Senior & Junior classes because of an Association course in Anglesey
  • Sundays 18th & 25th Aug - Holiday season
  • Thursday 26th Dec & Sunday 29th Dec - Xmas

Event dates

  • Special session - "Protecting joints" Sunday 26th May - Dr Russek - Visiting USA Sensei.
  • Iai dates - Thursday 28th March & Monday 20th May in part of the classes
  • Visiting Sensei - Thursday 4th April - Spence Sensei - Head of Association - first hour.
  • High Grade class Sunday 28th April (last hour)
  • Junior Grading 14th April
  • Senior Club Grading - tba

Details of full list of Lancashire Aikikai Courses are available on their site. The dates are also on the Google calendar on this page.

Mon (Anglesey) course Sunday 30th June

Altrincham course - Sunday 24th Nov


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